Document: Dialogue Against the Luciferians / Altercation of a Luciferian with an Orthodox
Reference: CPL 608
Incipit: Proxime accidit, ut quidem
Date: Pre-382 (Kelly p. 63)
Earliest ms.: Paris, France: Bibliotheque Nationale, Lat. 1952, f. 120-124v. 9th century. (Lambert, II: p. 364)
Latin Text: Canellis, ed., Hieronymus: Altercatio Luciferiani et Orthodoxi, CChr.SL vol. 79B (Turnhout 2000) Migne, PL vol. 23, coll. 153-182B.
English Translation: W.H. Fremantle, “The Dialogue Against the Luciferians” in NPNF2, vol. 6 (New York, 1893), pp. 319-34.
Notes: This work contains the famous phrase, “the whole world groaned, and was astonished to find itself Arian” in section 19, in reference to the Council of Rimini, 359.

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