Document: Apology against Rufinus
Reference: CPL 613
Incipit: Et uestris et multorum litteris
Date: 400-401 (Kelly p. 254)
Earliest ms.: Orleans, France: Bibliotheque municipale, 153 (130), p. 1-59. 9th century. (Lambert, II: p. 409)
Latin Text: P. Lardet, ed., Contra Rufinum, CChr.SL vol. 79 (Turnholt 1982); P. Lardet, ed., Saint Jerome, Apologie contre Rufin, SC vol. 303 (Paris 1983).

Migne, ed., Apologia Adversus Libros Rufini, PL vol. 23, coll. 395-492A.

English Translation: J. Hritzu, “The Apology Against the Books of Rufinus” in Saint Jerome, Dogmatic and Polemical Works (Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1965), pp. 47-220.E.C. Richardson, “Jerome’s Apology for Himself against the Books of Rufinus,” in NPNF2 , vol. 3 (New York 1906), pp. 482-541.
Bibliography: The story of the end of Jerome’s relationship with Rufinus is told in Kelly, pp. 243-58.

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