Document: Commentary on Zephaniah
Reference: CPL 589
Addressees: Paula and Eustochius
Date: c. 390- 406 (Kelly p. 163, 220, 290)
Earliest ms.: Paris, France: Bibliotheque Nationale, Lat. 10600. 8-9th c). (Lambert, II: p. 177)
Latin Text: Adriaen, ed., Hieronymus: Commentarii in prophetas minores, CChr.SL 76 and 76A (Turnhout, 1969 and 1964)
Migne, ed., Libri Commentariorum, PL vol. 25, coll. 947-1578A.
English Translation: Each Prophet’s commentary has its own preface. The prefaces have been translated and summarized by W.H. Fremantle, “Prefaces to the Commentaries on the Minor Prophets” in NPNF2, vol. 6 (New York, 1893), pp. 501-02.
Notes: Though these commentaries eventually circulated as a unit, they were composed separately. They were produced in a somewhat haphazard order, because they were written at the behest of friends, and shorter books were sometimes undertaken when he had little time for writing (Kelly, p. 163).

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