Document: Famous Men / De uiris inlustribus
Reference: CPL 616
Incipit: Hortaris me, Dexter
Addressee: Dexter
Date: 392/393 (Kelly p. 65)
Earliest ms.: Bamburg (Germany), Staatliche Bibliothek, Patr.87 (B.IC.21), f. 1-33. 6th century. (Lambert, II: p. 433)
Latin Text: K. Siamake, ed., Ἰερωνυμοῦ, De viris Illustribus (Thessalonica 1992).

A.Ceresa-Gastaldo, ed., Gerolamo, Gli Uomini Illustri, . Biblioteca Patristica 12 (Florence 1988).

Migne, ed., De Viris Illustribus Liber Ad Dextrum, PL vol. 23, coll. 181-206B.

English Translation: T. Halton, trans. and ed., Saint Jerome: On Illustrious Men, Fathers of the Church vol. 100 (Washington, D.C. 1999).E.C. Richardson, “Lives of Illustrious Men,” in NPNF2, vol. 3 (New York, 1893), pp. 359-384.
Italian translation: Translation and commentary included in Ceresa-Gastaldo above.
Notes: Discussed in Kelly, pp. 174-78. Also discussed in Rebenich, pp. 97-100.

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