Document: Letter 18a
Incipit: Et factum est in anno
Addressee: Damasus
Date: c. 379-381 (Kelly p. 78)
Earliest ms.: Cologne, Germany: Dom, 35 (Darmst. 2031), f. 1 and following. 8-9th century. (Lambert, I: p. 427)
Latin Text: CSEL 54. pp. 73-96
English Translation: Mierow, pp. 79-96 Brief description: Fremantle, p. 22
Notes: Pierre Nautin has shown that this letter (sometimes referred to simply as 18) dates to c. 380 and had the address to Damasus added later. See ‘Le ‘De Seraphim’ de Jerome et son appendice ‘Ad Damasum’,’ Roma renascens: Beitrage zur Spatantike und Rezeptionsgeschichte. Ilona Opelt von ihren Fremantle, unden und Schulern zum 9.7.1988 in Verehung gewidmet, ed. M. Wissermann (Frankfort, 1988), pp. 257 293.
See letters 18b, 19, 20, 35, and 36 for more comments on authenticity.

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