Document: Letter 39
Incipit: Quis dabit capiti meo
Addressee: Paula
Date: 384 (Kelly p. 98)
Earliest ms.: Naples, Italy: Biblioteca Nazionale, VI.D.59, f. 24b-29b. 6-7th century. (Lambert, I: p. 537)
Latin Text: CSEL 54, pp. 293-308; Duff pp. 170-78.
English Translation: Fremantle,  pp. 49-54
Notes: Blaesilla died within three months of her conversion, and Jerome now writes to Paula to offer her his sympathy and, if possible, to moderate her grief. He asks her to remember that Blaesilla is now in paradise, and so far to control herself as to prevent enemies of the faith from cavilling at her conduct. Then he concludes with the prophecy that in his writings Blaesilla’s name shall never die. Written at Rome in 389 A.D.

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