Document: Letter 49 [48 Vall.]
Incipit: Quod ad te {huc} usque non scripsi
Addressee: Pammachius
Date: c. 393 (Kelly p. 188)
Earliest ms.: Verona, Italy: Biblioteca Capitolare, XVII (15), f. 211v-242. 6th century. (Lambert, I: p. 589)
Latin Text: CSEL 54, pp. 350-387
English Translation: Fremantle,  pp. 79-80
Notes: Jerome encloses the preceding letter, thanks Pammachius for his efforts to suppress his treatise “against Jovinian,” but declares these to be useless, and exhorts him, if he still has any hesitation in his mind, to turn to the Scriptures and the commentaries made upon them by Origen and others. -Fremantle

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