Document: Letter 50
Incipit: Litterae tuae et amorem sonant
Addressee: Domnio
Date: c. 393 (Kelly p. 187)
Earliest ms.: Vienna, Austria: Nat., Lat. 16 (Rec.65), f. 42v and following. 8-9th century. (Lambert, I: p. 594)
Latin Text: CSEL 54. pp. 388-395; Duff, pp. 189-94.
English Translation: Fremantle,  pp. 80-82
Notes: Domnio, a Roman, had written to Jerome to tell him that an ignorant monk had been traducing his books “against Jovinian.” Jerome, in reply, sharply rebukes the folly of his critic and comments on the want of straightforwardness in his conduct. He concludes the letter with an emphatic restatement of his original position. – Fremantle

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