Document: Letter 54
Incipit: Obsecras litteris {et} suppliciter
Addressee: Furia
Date: c. 395-396 (Kelly p. 190)
Earliest ms.: Paris, France: Bibliotheque Nationale, 446, f. 10v-14v. 6th century. (Lambert, I: p 643)
Latin Text: CSEL 54, pp. 466-485; Wright, pp. 228-264
English Translation: Wright, pp. 229-265; Fremantle,  pp. 102-109; Duff, pp. 207-17.
Notes: A letter of guidance to a widow on the best means of preserving her widowhood (according to Jerome ‘the second of the three degrees of chastity’). Furia had at one time thought of marrying again but eventually abandoned her intention and devoted herself to the care of her young children and her aged father. Jerome draws a vivid picture of the dangers to which she is exposed at Rome, lays down rules of conduct for her guidance, and commends her to the care of the presbyter Exuperius (afterwards bishop of Toulouse). (Fremantle)

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