Document: Letter 62
Incipit: Maiora spiritus [esse] uincula/miracula
Addressee: Tranquillinus
Date: c. 397-398 (Kelly p. 213)
Earliest ms.: Epinal, France: Bibliotheque Municipale, 68 (149), f. 8th century. (Lambert, I: p. 694)
Latin Text: CSEL 54, pp. 583-584
English Translation: Fremantle,  pp. 133-134
Notes: Tranquillinus, one of Jerome’s Roman friends, had written (1) to tell him of the stand that Oceanus was making against the Origenists at Rome, and (2) to ask whether any parts of Origen’s works might be studied with safety and profit. Jerome welcomes the tidings about Oceanus and answers the question of Tranquillinus in the affirmative. He classes Origen with Tertullian, Apollinaris and others whose works continued to be read in spite of their heresies. – Fremantle

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