Document: Letter 64
Reference: Stegmuller 3310
Incipit: Usque hodie in lectione
Addressee: Fabiola
Date: 397 (Kelly p. 211)
Earliest ms.: Epinal, France: Bibliotheque Municipale, 68 (149), f. 8th century. (Lambert, I: p. 703)
Latin Text: CSEL 54, pp. 586-615
Notes: Fabiola’s visit to Bethlehem had been shortened by the threatened invasion of the Huns which compelled Jerome and his friends to take refuge for a time on the seaboard of Palestine. Fabiola here took leave of her companions and set sail for Italy, but not until Jerome had completed this letter for her use (section 22). It contains a mystical account of the vestments of the High Priest worked out with Jerome’s usual ingenuity and learning. Similar treatises are ascribed to Tertullian and to Hosius bishop of Cordova, but these have long since perished. (Fremantle, p. 134)

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