Document: Letter 65
Reference: Stegmuller 3344
Incipit: Scio me, Principia, in Christo filia
Addressee: Principia
Date: 397 (Kelly p. 212)
Earliest mss. Cologne, Germany: Dom, 35 (Darmst. 2031), f. ← 193. 8-9th century. (Lambert, I: p. 709)
Latin Text: CSEL 54, pp. 616-647
Notes: A commentary on Ps. 45 addressed to Marcella’s friend and companion Principia (see Letter 127). Jerome prefaces what he has to say by a defense of his practice of writing for women, a practice which had exposed him to many foolish sneers. He deals with the same subject in his dedication of the Commentary of Sophronius. (Fremantle, p. 134)

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