Document: Letter 73
Reference: Stegmuller 3317
Incipit: Misisti mihi uolumen
Addressee: Evangelus Presbyter
Date: 398 (Kelly p. 212)
Earliest ms.: Paris, France: Bibliotheque Nationale, Lat. 13047, f. 92v-94v 8th century. (Lambert, I: p. 756)
Latin Text: CSEL 55, pp. 13-23
Notes: Evangelus had sent Jerome an anonymous treatise in which Melchisedek was identified with the Holy Ghost, and had asked him what he thought of the theory. Jerome in his reply repudiates the idea as absurd and insists that Melchisedek was a real man, possibly, as the Jews said, Shem the eldest son of Noah. (Fremantle, p. 154)

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