Document: Letter 75
Incipit: Lugubri nuntio consternatus
Addressee: Theodora
Date: 399 (Kelly p. 216)
Earliest ms.: Karlsruhe, Germany: Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug.Perg.CV, between folios 12-14. 8-9 century. (Lambert, I: p. 766)
Latin Text: CSEL 55, pp. 29-34
English Translation: Fremantle,  pp. 154-156
Notes: Theodora the wife of the learned Spaniard Lucinius (for whom see Letter 71) had recently lost her husband, a bereavement which suggested the present letter. In it Jerome recounts the many virtues of Lucinius and especially his zeal in resisting the gnostic heresy of Marcus which during his life was prevalent in Spain. – Fremantle

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