Document: Letter 77
Incipit: Plures anni sunt
Addressee: Oceanus
Date: 400 (Kelly p. 216)
Earliest ms.: Lyon, France: Bibliotheque de la Ville, 600. 517), f. 48v. 7-8th century. (Lambert, I: p. 778)
Latin Text: CSEL 55, pp. 37-49; Wright, pp. 308-336; Duff, pp. 259-70.
English Translation: Wright, pp. 309-337; Fremantle,  pp. 157-163
Notes: The eulogy of Fabiola whose restless life had come to an end in 399 A.D. Jerome tells the story of her sin and of her penitence (see Letter 60), of the hospital established by her at Portus, of her visit to Bethlehem, and of her earnestness in the study of scripture. He relates how he wrote for her his account of the vestments of the high priest (Letter 64) and how at the time of her death he was at her request engaged upon a commentary on the forty-two halting-places of the Israelites in the wilderness (Letter 79). This last he now sends along with this letter to Oceanus. Jerome also bestows praise upon Pammachius as the companion of all Fabiola’s labours. – Fremantle

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