Document: Translation of Origen’s Commentary on the Gospel of Luke
Reference: CPG 1451
Addressee: Paula and Eustochium
Date: 389/90 (Kelly, p. 143)
Latin Text: M. Rauer, ed., Homiliae in Lucam, GCS vol. 49=Origenes Werke vol. 9, second edition (Berlin 1959) H. Crouzel, F. Fournier, P. Perichon, eds., Origene, Homelies sur saint Luc, SC vol. 87 (Paris 1962)Migne, ed., Translatio Homilarum XXXIX Origenis In Evangelium Lucae, PL vol. 26, coll. 219-306C.
English Translation: J.T. Lienhard, ed. and trans., Homilies on Luke; Fragments on Luke, Fathers of the Church vol. 94 (Washington D.C. 1996)Preface translated by W.H. Fremantle, “Preface to Translation of Origen on St. Luke” in NPNF2, vol. 6 (New York, 1893), pp. 496.
Notes: See Kelly pp.77, 98-99, 143-44, 153.

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