Document: Origen’s Homilies on Jeremiah
Reference: Stegmuller 6205
Incipit: Magnum est quidem, amice
Date: Pre-392/393 (Kelly) p. 77
Earliest ms.: Kassel, Germany: Landesbibliothek, Theol.Fol.2a.49. 9th century. (Lambert, II: p. 115)
Latin Text: P. Nautin, ed., Origene: Homelies sur Jeremie, SC vol. 238 (Paris 1977), pp. 300-67.W.A. Baehrens, ed, Homiliae, GCS 33 (=Origenes Werke 8 ) (Berlin 1925), pp. 290-317.

Migne, ed. Homiliae XIV In Jeremiam, PL vol. 25, coll. 585-692.

English Translation: J.C. Smith, ed. and trans., Homilies on Jeremiah; Homily on 1 Kings 28, Fathers of the Church vol. 97 (Washington D.C 1998)

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