Document: Translation of Origen’s Homilies on Song of Songs
Reference: Stegmuller 6199 (CPG 1432)
Incipit: Prol. Ad Damaus: Origines, cum in ceteris
Hom. I: Quomodo didicimus per Moysen
Hom. II: Omnes animae motiones
Addressee: Damasus
Date: Pre-383 (Kelly p. 86)
Earliest ms.: Leningrad, Russia: Publichnaja Biblioteka, Q.c.I.8, f. 114-153. 6-7th century. (Lambert, II: p. 65)
Latin Text: O. Rousseau, ed., Origene, Homelies sur le Cantique, SC vol. 372 (Paris 1954).W. A. Baehrens, ed., Homiliae in Regn., Ez. et al., GCS vol. 33 (= Origenes Werke vol. 8), (Berlin 1925), pp. 27-60.

Migne, ed., Interpretatio Homiliarum Duarum Origenis In Canticum, PL vol. 23, coll. 1117-44.

English Translation: First Preface is translated by W.H. Fremantle, “Preface to the Translation of Origen’s Two Homilies on the Song of Songs,” in NPNF2, vol. 6 (New York, 1893), p. 485.

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