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Actual Author or Source  Pseudo-Isidorian forgery
Source of Attribution to Julius I  Collectio II librorum / VIII partium (Assisi, Biblioteca Comunale, 227)
Text  Latin: FIND LINK; Gratian’s Decretum, D.1 c.24
Other Translations
Source of Information Thompson,  Correspondence of Julius I, xxxv-xxxvi, xli-xlii, 193-194

1. But concerning the construction of any church, if it was destroyed and if the solemn observance of a ceremony should be repeated in that place in which there had not been shrines, we have decided to impede nothing as long as exorcized water is at least thrown throughout it. For we know that the consecration of any church in which the shrines are not placed is only a celebration of the mass.
2. And for that reason, if a basilica of the saints was altered also from its foundations or by some wavering, if in it the solemnity of the mass was celebrated, the sanctification of all consecration is completed.
3. But if the shrines which it had were removed, it again receives reverence of sanctification by their demolition and the solemnity of the mass.

Translated by AMJ

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