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CPG 3741b
Actual Author or Source unknown
Source of Attribution to Julius I Apollinarian forgery
Other Translations Latin: Lietzmann, Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule: Texte und Untersuchungen, 318-322.
Source of Information Thompson, Correspondence of Julius I, xxxv-xxxvii, xl, 84-185

Fragment 188 (Pseudo-Julius I: I-1): We confess that the created, through the union of the Creator, since he joined himself into one nature existing and remaining from each part . . .

Fragment 189 (Pseudo-Julius I: I-2): And he himself is the one who built his body in the Virgin’s womb and he had no partner in the creation of his body but he created it himself. Moreover, we confess that in everything which the humanity did, the deity was not separated from it, not even for a small moment of time. And we confess that when our Savior came from heaven and descended into the womb of the blessed Virgin, he joined divinity to humanity through a union, and after the divinity was united with the humanity, after that union in no matter of operation were the two separated, for the two are inseparable. And just as there is no beginning to his divinity, so also after his resurrection from the dead there is no end to his humanity. He drinks milk from the woman, and divinity and humanity were one united thing. Do not think that the Word obtained the beginning of his divinity when he went into the Jordan to be baptized by John and the voice of the Father came from heaven and was heard by John. That is not the case. But when he descended into the womb of the Virgin Mary a body was made one thing with divinity. Divinity was linked to humanity through a single humanity without change or division. There is no separation present of the divinity from the humanity. While he was on the cross, his divinity was not separated from his humanity not even for the blink of an eye. While he was in the grave, his divinity was not separated from his humanity. He ascended into heaven with the body which he received from the Virgin Mary and is seated at the right hand of his good Father. This is the right faith and the catholic church expels those who do not believe it, and, indeed, the God who created them eternally condemns them.

Fragment 190 (Pseudo-Julius I: I-3): Let him be eternally condemned who says that the body of our Savior is not from Mary but from heaven and that it is not similar to other creatures.

Fragment 191 (Pseudo-Julius I: I-4): We believe that the Word remained without any change. He himself is truly the Son of God through the eternal generation from God, and he also became the Son of Man through the birth from the Virgin Mary. He himself is a single one. He himself is only one. He himself is completely God, consubstantial with the Father as to his divinity, and he himself is a passible man, who is such because of the birth from the Virgin, and he himself is consubstantial to man because of the body.

Translated by AMJ

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