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Actual Author or Source  Capitulare missorum of Jijmegen
Source of Attribution to Julius I Burchard of Worms
Text  Latin: Burchard’s Decretum 2.127; Gratian’s Decretum, Part 2, C.14 q.4 c.9
Other Translations
Source of Information Thompson,  Correspondence of Julius I, xxxv-xxxvi, xli-xlii, 189-190

1. For if anyone at harvest time or grape-gathering time acquires wheat or wine not out of necessity but because of greed, for example, acquiring one peck for two denarii and keeping it until he sells it for four or six or even more denarii, we call this filthy lucre.
2. But if he acquires it because of necessity, so that he may have it for himself and distribute it to others, we call this business.

Translated by AMJ

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