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Actual Author or Source  Liber sacramentorum
Source of Attribution to Julius I  Burchard of Worms
Text  Latin: Burchard’s Decretum 18.021; Gratian’s Decretum, Part 2, C.26 q.6 c.12
Other Translations
Source of Information Thompson,  Correspondence of Julius I, xxxv-xxxvi, xli-xlii, 190-191

1. If any priest denies penance to the dying, he is deposed from the order, for he is liable for their souls. For the Lord says, “On whatever day a sinner is converted, he lives life and does not die” (Ezk 33:12,15).
2. For there can be true conversion at the last time, for the Lord is an observer not just of time, but also of the heart.
3. Just as within one moment it was deserving for the thief to be in paradise by confession in the last hour.

Translated by AMJ

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