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Actual Author or Source  Code of Justinian
Source of Attribution to Julius I  Burchard of Worms
Text  Latin: Code of Justinian 5.4.26; Burchard’s Decretum 9.018; Gratian’s Decretum, Part 2, C.29 q.2 c.1,3
Other Translations
Source of Information Thompson,  Correspondence of Julius I, xxxv-xxxvi, xli-xlii, 191-192

1. If anyone gives his maidservant freedom and unites her to himself in marriage, it will be doubtful among some whether or not those marriages done in this way are seen as legitimate.
2. Therefore we have put an end to the ancient ambiguity and determined that such marriages are legitimate.
3. For if all the marriages happen from affection and nothing impious and contrary to the laws can be done in such union, how did we value such weddings as needing to be restrained?
4. You all have one Father in heaven, and each one, rich and poor, free and slave, is going to be regarded on behalf of themselves and on behalf of their souls.
5. Therefore we do not doubt that everyone, no matter what their condition, has one law as far as God is concerned.
6. But if everyone has one law,
7. then just as the noble cannot be divorced, so also a slave once joined in marriage cannot later be divorced.

Translated by AMJ

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