Friedrich Maassen’s 150-year-old study of The Sources and Literature of Canon Law in the West is still classic yet has never been translated or systematically updated. It still provides one of the best lists for both early councils and their canons and early papal letters. The canons of church councils have come down through the ages in various versions found in many manuscripts. This work gives the history of the texts of church canons and papal letters from the early church to the Middle Ages. Maassen does not consider all historical sources, but only the content found in Medieval collections of canon law (e.g., he does not include letters preserved in Athanasius’ writings, but he does include letters found in the Collectio Novara). Below we have reproduced with his paragraph numbers his list of councils and papal letters for the first seven parts of Maassen’s work (into the 9th century).

The Contents of Friedrich Maassen’s Geschichte der Quellen und der Literatur des canonischen Rechts im Abendlande (Paris 1870) (selected pages available in PDF format from Google Books, click the above link)

The number preceding the council or letter is Maassen’s paragraph number, not the page number.
The number in parentheses following the council or letter is the date.
In section seven, we have given the recipient where possible, followed by the incipit.
For the sake of clarity we have assigned letters, rather than numbers, to the papal letters of section seven.

I. Greek Councils
II. African Councils
III. French and German Councils
IV. Spanish Councils
V. Irish and British Councils
VI. Italian Councils
VII. Papal Writings and Roman Councils

A. 1st Ecumenical Council — Nicaea (324/325)

Canons of Nicaea

9. version of Caecilian of Carthage

10. version of Atticus and Cyril

12. version of Isidore

14. common version

16. version of Quesnel-St. Maur

22. version of Chieti

23. Gallic-Hispanic version

27. Gallic version .

31. Priscan version

34. version of Dionysius Exiguus

35. abbreviation of Rufinus

37. Freising fragment

38. version of St. Germain

Introduction to Nicaea

45. long introduction

46. short introduction

48. metrical introduction

52. Bishops list

B. Sardica (342/343)

54. canons

55. canons numbered with Nicaea

56. bishops list


Isidore’s versions:

63. Ancyra, Neocaesarea, Gangra

a. original version

b. common version

93a. Gangra synodical letter as introduction and conclusion

93b. Gangra synodical letter as introduction only

64. Antioch, Laodicea, Constantinople

93c. Antioch synodical letter

73. Individual councils

a. Ancyra

b. Neocaesarea

c. Gangra

d. Antioch

e. Laodicea

f. Constantinople

Priscan versions:

81a. Ancyra, Neocaesarea, Gangra, Antioch

93a. +Gangra synod. letter as introduction and conclusion.

93c. + Antioch synod. letter

81b. Chalcedon, Constantinople

c. Chalcedon, Constantinople, Sardica, Antioch

82. Individual councils in the Priscan version

a. Antioch

b. Chalcedon

84. Gallic version of Ancyra, Neocaesarea, Gangra, Antioch

87. version of Dionysius Exiguus (Ancyra, Neocaesarea, Gangra, Antioch, Laodicea, Constantinople, Chalcedon)

89. Individual councils in version of Dionysius Exiguus.

a. Nicaea

b. Antioch

c. Laodicea

d. Constantinople

e. Chalcedon

91. Miscellaneous versions of Antioch, Constantinople, Chalcedon

a. version of St. Germain of Antioch canon 8

b. Antioch under name “Nicaea”

c. version of Paris of Constantinople

d. version of Theodosius, Deacon of Chalcedon

e. version of St. Maur of Chalcedon

92. Council of Ephesus

a. Casinense version

b. version of Paris-Bobio

94. Creed of Constantinople

Council of Alexandria under Cyril (430)

109. version of Marius Mercator

110. version of Dionysius Exiguus

111. Tours-Verona-Salzburg version

113. Vatican version.

114. Tours-Salzburg version

3rd Ecumenical Council — Ephesus (431)

115. common version

116. version of Marius Mercator

117. Council of Antioch (445)

118. Councils of Antioch, Tyre, Beirut (447-449)

119. Council of Constantinople (448)

Council of Chalcedon (451)

120. common version

121. version of of Rusticus

122. parts of common version

a. version of Paris

b. version of Verona

c. version of Bobio

d. Hadriana version.

123. parts of old translations

a. Vatican version

b. version of Quesnel

c. version of St. Maur

d. Spanish (Hispanica) version

e. version of coll. Vaticana

f. version of St. Blas

g. version of Theodosius, Deacon of Chalcedon

h. monophysite version

i. Hadriana version

j. version of 1322

124. Council of Epirus (516)

125. Council of Constant, Jerus., Tyre and Syria II (518)

126. Council of Constant. (519 or 520)

127. Council of Constant. and Jerus. (536)

128. Council of Mopsuestia (550)

129. 5th Ecumenical Council — Constantinople (553)

a. version of Bobio

b. version of 649

130. Council of Constantinople. (638-639)

131. 6th Ecumenical Council — Constantinople (680)

a. Definitio fidei

b. common version

c. version of Harduin

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134. Council of Carthage (348)

135. Council of Carthage (390)

136. Council of Hippo (393)

137. Council of Carthage (394)

139. Council of Carthage (397)

a. version of Carthage 419

b. version of Spain (Hispana)

c. version of Quesnel

d. version of Ferrandus

e. version of Carthage 525

141. Council of Carthage (399)

142. Council of Carthage (June, 401)

143. Council of Carthage (Sept., 401)

146. Council of Carthage (405)

147. Council of Carthage (407)

149. Council of Carthage (409)

150. Council of Carthage (410)

151. Council of Carthage (416)

152. Council of Mileve – letter to Innocent

153. Council of Telepta (418)

154. Council of Carthage (418)

Council of Carthage (419)

155. canons of 1st & 2nd sessions

156. collection of the canons of earlier councils

159. letter to Boniface

160. Council of Carthage (421)

164. Council of Carthage (525)

164a. Council of Carthage (535) to John II

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166. 1st Council of Arles (314)

a. long letter + 7 canons

b. short letter + 22 canons

c. version of Novara

167. Council of Valence (374)

168. Council of Nimes (394)

169. Council of Turin (401)

170. Council of Riez (439)

171. 1st Council of Orange (441)

172. 1st Council of Vaison

173. 2nd Council of Arles

175. Council of Ravennius of Arles to Leo

176. Council of Angers (453)

177. 3rd Council of Arles

178. 1st Council of Tours (461)

179. Council of Vannes (465)

180. Council of Agde (506)

181. 1st Council of Orleans (511)

182. Council of Epaon (517)

183. 1st Council of Lyon (517)

184. 4th Council of Arles (524)

185. Council of Carpentras (527)

186. 2nd Council of Orange (529)

187. 2nd Council of Vaison (529)

188. Council of Marseille (533)

189. 2nd Council of Orleans (533)

190. Council of Clermont (535)

191. 3rd Council of Orleans (538)

192. 4th Council of Orleans (541)

193. 5th Council of Orleans (549)

194. Provincial Council of Gascogne (551)

195. 2nd Council of Paris (553)

196. 5th Council of Arles (554)

197. 3rd Council of Paris (556)

197a. 2nd Council of Lyon (567)

198. 2nd Council of Tours (567)

199. 4th Council of Paris (573)

200. Council of Auxerre (580s)

201. 1st Council of Macon (581)

202. 3rd Council of Lyon (583)

202a. 2nd Council of Valence (584)

203. 2nd Council of Macon (585)

204. 5th Council of Paris (614)

205. Gallic Council of c. 615

206. Council of Clichy (626)

207. Council of Chalons (under Chlodwig II)

208. Council of Autun (under St. Leodegar)

209. Council of Bordeaux (660-673)

210. Council of St.-Jean de Losne (670-673)

211. Germanic Council of Karlmanm (742)

212. Council of Liftina (743)

213. Council of Soissons (744)

214. Council of Verneuil (755)

215. Council of Aschaim (under Tassilo)

216. Councils of Arles, Rheims, Mainz, etc (813)

217. Council of Paris (829)

217a. Council of Savonieres (859)

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219. Council of Elvira

220. 1st Council of Saragossas

221. 1st Council of Toledo (400)

222. Council of Provinces of Tarracon., Cathagin., Lusitan.,and Baetic. (447)

223. Council of Tarragona (516)

224. Council of Gerona (517)

225. 2nd Council of Toledo (527)

226. 1st Council of Barcelona (540)

227. Council of Lerida (546)

228. Council of Valencia (546)

229. Council of Braga (563)

230. 2nd Council of Braga (572)

231. 3rd Council of Toledo (589)

232. Council of NArbonne (589)

233. 1st Council of Seville (590)

234. 2nd Council of Saragossa (592)

235. Povinc. Council of Toledo (597)

236. Council of Huesca (598)

237. 2nd Council of Barcelona (599)

238. Provinc. Council of Toledo (610)

239. Council of Egara (614)

240. 2nd Council of Seville (619)

241. 4th Council of Toledo (633)

242. 5th Council of Toledo (636)

243. 6th Council of Toledo (638)

244. 7th Council of Toledo (646)

245. 8th Council of Toledo (653)

246. 9th Council of Toledo (655)

247. 10th Council of Toledo (656)

248. Council of Merida (666)

249. 11th Council of Toledo (675)

250. 3rd Council of Braga (c.675)

251. 12th Council of Toledo (681)

252. 13th Council of Toledo (683)

253. 14th Council of Toledo (684)

254. 15th Council of Toledo (688)

255. 3rd Council of Saragossa (691)

256. 16th Council of Toledo (693)

257. 17th Council of Toledo (694)

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259. Council of Patrick

260. Synodical Canons of Iberia and Gregory Nazasenus

261. On the disputes of an Iberian synod and sermon of Gregory Nazasenus

262. Concerning canibus (dogs) and concerning tithes

263. Penitential canons: decreed by an Iberian synod

264. Penitential canons: from a synod in Aquilona in Britian

265. Penitential canons: from a synod of Lux Victoria (before 544)

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266. Council of Rimini (359)

267. Council of Milan (451)

268. Council of Milan (679)

269. Council of Friaul (796)

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Years of Papal reign are given after each name.

Jaffe-Kaltenbrunner numbers are given in parentheses.

271. FELIX (269-274)

A. To Maximus, De incarnatione vero (JK 140)

a. common version.

b. version of Mercator

c. version of Chalcedon

272. JULIUS ( 337-352)

A. To Prosducius, Sententia nostra (JK 189)

273. LIBERIUS (352-366)

A. To Caecilian, Nolo te factum (JK 210)

B. To Eusebius, Dionysius, Lucifer, Quamvis sub imagine (JK 216)

C. To Eastern bps., Pro deifico timore (JK 217)

D. To Ursacius, Valens, Germinius, Quia scio uos (JK 218)

E. To Vincentius, Non doceo sed (JK 219)


A. To Illyrian bps., Confidimus quidem

B. To Paulinus

a. Per filium meum

b. Post concilium Nicaenum

C. To Macedonian bps., Decursis litteris

D. To Acholius, Ad meritum filii

E. Parts of decr. Gelas.


A. To Himerius, Directa ad decessorem

B. To African bps., Cum in unam

C. To Anysius, Etiam dudum

D. To various bps., Optarem semper

E. To Anysius, Accepi litteras

F. To various bps., Cogitantibus nobis

G. Ad Gallos episcopos, Dominus inter cetera


A. To Anysius, Cum deus noster

B. To Victricius, Etsi tibi frater

C. To council of Toledo, Saepe me et nimium

D. To Exsuperius, Consulenti tibi

E. To Aurelius, Acceptissimi

F. To Martianus, Superiori tempore

G. To Rufus, Lectissimo

H. To Aurelius, Caritatis

I. To the Julians, Singulare membrum

J. To Rufus, etc., Magna me gratulatio

K. To Rufus, etc., Mora coepiscoporum

L. To Alexander, Apostolici

M. To Alexander, Quam grata

N. To Acacius, Adgaudere

O. To Maximianus, Miramur prudentiam

P. To Bonifatius, Ecclesia Antiochena

Q. To Alexander, Et onus

R. To Decentius, Si instituta

S. To Aurelius, Qua indignitate

T. To Probus, Conturbatio

U. To Felix, Mirari non possumus

V. To Maximus and Severus, Ecclesiasticorum

W. To Agapitus, etc., Multa in provincia

X. To Florentius, Non semel

Y. To Laurentius, Diu mirati

Z. To council of Cathage, In requirendis

AA. To Council of Milevus, Inter ceteras Romanae

AB. To Aurelius, etc., Fraternitatis vestrae

AC. To Aurelius, In familiaribus

AD. To John, Direptiones

AE. To Jerome, Numquam boni

AF. To Aurelius, Piissimam


A. To bp.s of Gaul, Placuit apostolicae

B. To Aurelius, Magnum pondus

C. To Aurelius, Postquam a nobis

D. To Afr., Gall. & Span. bps., Cum adversus statuta

E. To Hilarius, Mirati admodum

F. To Patroclus, Quid de Proculi

G. To bps. of Vien. & Narb., Multa contra

H. To Remigius, Licet proxime

I. To Hesychius, Exigit dilectio

J. To Patroclus, Cum et in praesenti

K. To people of Marseille, Non miror Proclum

L. To Aurelius, Quamvis patrum

M. To Ravenna, Ex relatione fratris


A. To Faustus, Dilectionis vestrae pagina

B. To Patroclus, etc., Valentinae

C. To Rufus, Beatus apostolus

D. To Rufus, Credebamus

E. To Honorius, Ecclesiae meae

F. To Hilarius, Difficile

G. To Rufus, Retro majoribus

H. To bps. of Thessaly, Institutio

I. To Rufus, Manet beatum apostolum


A. To Perigenes, Inter ceteras curas

B. To bp.s of Vien. & Narb., Cuperemus quidem

C. To bps. of Apul. & Calab., Nulli sacerdotum

D. To Cyril, Tristitiae nostrae

E. To John, Rufus, etc., Optaremus quidem

F. To Nestorius, Aliquantis diebus

G. To people of Constant., Ad eos qui faciunt

H. To Cyril, Intelligo sententiam

I. To Arcadius, etc., Cum deo nostro

J. To council of Ephesus, Spiritus sancti

K. To Theodosius, Sufficiat

L. To Venerius, etc., Apostolici verbi

M. To council of Ephesus, Tandem malorum

N. To Theodosius, Causis suis

O. To Maximianus, Vidimus et amplexi

P. To people of Constan., Exsultatio matris


A. To Cyril, Magna sumus laetitia

B. To John, Si ecclesiastici

C. To Perigenes, Gratulari potius

D. To council of Thessalon., Si quantum inservitur

E. To Proclus, Licet fraternitatem

F. To bps. of Illyr., Doctor gentium

281. LEO I

A. To bp. of Aquileia, Relatione sancti fratris

B. To Septimus, Lectis fraternitatis

C. To bps. of Campan., etc., Ut nobis gratulationem

D. To metrop. of Illyr., Omnis admonitio

E. To Anastasius, Omnium quidem litteras

F. To bps. of Italy, In consortium

G. To Dioscorus, Quantum dilectioni

H. To bps. of Vien., Divinae cultum

I. To metrop. of Illyr., Grato animo

J. To bps. of Maurit., Cum de ordinationibus

K. To Anastasius, Quanta fraternitati

L. To Turribius, Quam laudabiliter

M. To bps. of Sicily, Divinis praeceptis

N. To bps. of Sicily, Occasio specialium

O. To Januarius, Lectis fraternitatis tuae

P. To Dorus, Iudicium, quod de te

Q. To Eutyches, Ad notitiam nostram

R. To Flavianus, Cum christianissimus

S. To Flavianus, Lectis dilectionis tuae

T. To Theodosius, Quantum rebus humanis

U. To Pulcheria, Quantum sibi fiduciae

V. To Pulcheria, Quantum praesidii

W. To Faustus, Martinus, etc., Cum propter causam fidei

X. To council of Ephesus, Religiosa clementissimi

Y. To Julianus, Licet per nostra

Z. To Constantinus, etc., Justa et rationabilis

AA. To Ravennius, Provectionem dilectionis tuae

AB. To Ravennius, Circumspectum te

AC. To Theodosius, Olim et ab initio

AD. To Theodosius, Literis clementiae

AE. To Pulcheria, Si epistolae

AF. To people of Constant., In notitiam nostram

AG. To clergy of Constant., Quamvis ea, quae

AH. To people of Constant., Licet de his

AI. To Pulcheria, Gaudere me plurimum

AJ. To archimand. of Cosntant., Bonorum operum

AK. To Constantinus, etc., Lectis dilectionis

AL. To Ravennius, Diu filios

AM. To Theodosius, Omnibus quidem vestrae

AN. To Pulcheria, Gaudeo fidei

AO. To archimand. of Cosntant., Causa fidei

AP. To Faustus, Gratum semper

AQ. To Pulcheria, Quod semper

AR. To Anatolius, Gaudemus in Domino

AS. To Marcianus, Quamvis per Constantinopolitanos

AT. To Anatolius, Licet sperem

AU. To Anatolius, Ad declinandam

AV. To Marcianus, Credebamus clementiam

AW. To Marcianus, Poposceram

AX. To council of Nicaea, Optaveram quidem

AY. To Ravennius, Ad praecipuum

AZ. To bps. of Gaul, Impletis

BA. To Marcianus, Magno munere

BB. To Anatolius, Manifestato, sicut

BC. To Theodorus, Sollicitudinis quidem tuae

BD. To conc. of Chalcedon, Omnem quidem fraternitatem

BE. To Marcianus, Multa mihi in omnibus

BF. To Maximus, Quantum dilectioni

BG. To Theodoret, Remeantibus ad nos

BH. To monks of Palestine, Sollicitudini mea

BI. To Marcianus, Puritatem fidei

BJ. To Marcianus, Quod saepissime

BK. To Anatolius, Si firmo incommutabilique

BL. To Marcianus, Literarum clementiae

BM. To bps. of Gaul & Spain, Cum in omnibus

BN. To Juvenalis, Acceptis dilectionis tuae

BO. To emp. Leo, Officiis, quae

BP. To Anatolius, Diligentiam necessariae

BQ. To emp. Leo, Literas clementiae tuae

BR. To Nicetas, Regressus ad nos

BS. To emp. Leo, Multo gaudio

BT. To Anatolius, Lectis dilectionis

BU. To emp. Leo, Promisisse me

BV. To Neo, Frequenter quidem

BW. To Rusticus, Epistolas fraternitatis

BX. To bps. of Campania, etc., Magna indignatione

BY. To emp. Leo, Gloriosam pietatis

BZ. To Gennadius, Dilectionis tuae literis

CA. To Timotheus Solofac., Evidenter apparet

CB. To clergy of Alex., Gaudeo exultanter

CC. To bps. of Egypt, Literis fraternitatis uestrae


A. To Leontius, Quantum reverentiae

B. To Leontius, Dilectioni meae

C. To Leontius, Miramur fraternitatem

D. To bps. of Vien., etc., Quamquam notitiam

E. To Leontius, Qualiter contra sedis

F. To Victurus, etc., Sollicitis admodum

G. To bps. of Vien., etc., Etsi meminerimus

H. The council at Rome,

I. To Ascanius, Postquam literas

J. To Ascanius, Divinae circa

K. To Leontius, Movemur ratione


A. To Florentius, etc., Relatio nos vestrae

B. To Acacius, Quantum presbyterorum

C. To Basiliscus, Cuperem quidem

D. To clergy of Constant., Per filium nostrum

E. To Acacius, Cum filii nostri

F. To emp. Zeno, Inter opera

G. To Acacius, Quam sit efficax

H. To emp. Zeno, Olim divinorum

I. To Acacius, Quantos et quam uberes

J. To Acacius, Proxime quidem dilectioni

K. To emp. Zeno, Proxime quidem cum

L. To John, Si quis esset intuitus

M. To emp. Zeno, De ecclesia Antiochena

N. To Acacius, Clementissimi principis

O. To Acacius, Antiocheni exordium

P. To Acacius, Miramur pariter

Q. To emp. Zeno, Sed iam veniamus

R. To Acacius, Cogitationum ferias

S. To bp. Zeno, Plurimorum relatu


A. To emp. Zeno, Decebat profecto

B. To Acacius, Postquam sanctae

C. To Acacius, Episcopali diligentia

D. To emp. Zeno, Cum sibi redditam

E. To Acacius, Multarum transgressionem

F. Edict, Acacius, qui

G. To emp. Zeno, Quoniam pietas tua

H. To people of Constant., Probatam cunctis

I. To bps. of Egypt, Petrus vero

J. Roman council of 485

K. To monks of Constant., Diabolicae artis

L. Roman council of 487

M. To bps., Qualiter in Africanis

N. To emp. Zeno, Dignas referre Deo

O. To Flavita, Multa sunt, quae

P. To Vetranio, Quod unitatis ecclesiae

Q. To Thalasius, Post factas literas

R. To Andreas, Quod plene catholicae

S. To bp. Zeno, Filius noster, vir


A. To bps. of Dardania, Ubi primum respirare

B. To Natalis, Quamvis pro beati

C. To Euphemius, Quod plena cupimus

D. To Faustus, Ego quoque mente

E. Tomus de anathematis vinculo

F. To Honorius, Licet inter varias

G. To Honorius, Miramur dilectionem

H. Tract on Pelagianism

I. To Anastasius, Famuli vestrae pietatis

J. To bps. of Picenum, Barbaricis hactenus

K. To Succonius, Cum tuae dilectionis

L. To bps. of Lucania, Neccessaria rerum dispositione

M. To bps. of Sicily, Praesulum auctoritas

N. To bps. of Dardania, Audientes orthodoxam

O. To Aeonius, Inter difficultates varias

P. Too bps. of Dardania, Valde mirati sumus

Q. Roman council of 495

R. Decretum Gelasianum

S. To Eastern bps., Quid ergo isti

T. Ordination confession

U. To Andromachus, Sedent quidam

V. Qualis debeat esse pastor ecclesiaeJ

W. Dicta Gelasii papae, Catechumini


A. To emp. Anastasius, Exordium pontificatus

B. To Lurentius, In prolixitate

C. To bps. of Gaul, Bonum atque jucundum


A. Roman council of 499

B. To Aeonius, Movit equidem

C. To Aeonius, Dilectionis tuae literas

D. Roman council of 501

a. To Theodoric

b. Acts of Synodus Palmaris

E. Roman council of 502

F. To bps. of Illyria, etc., Quod plene fieri

G. To caesarius, Hortatur nos

H. To bps. of Gaul, Sedis apostolicae nos instituta

I. To Caesarius, Qui veneranda


A. To Caesarius, Quamvis ratio

B. To emp. Anastasius, Gratias supernae

C. To Dorotheus, Ubi caritatis

D. To emp. Anastasius, Bene clementia

E. Indiculus, qui data…; Cum Dei adjutorio

F. To emp. Anastasius, Bene atque utiliter

G. To Caesarius, Justum est

H. To emp. Anastasius, Sollicitari animum

I. To John, Gavisi sumus

J. To council of Epirus, Benedictus Deus ecclesiae

K. To John, Literarum, quas

L. Indiculus per Pullionem; Cum Dei adjutorio

M. To Avitus, Qui de his

N. To John, Remeante Pullione

O. To John, Fecit dilectio tua

P. To bps. of Spain, Benedicta trinitas

Q. To bps. of Spain, Inter ea, quae notitiae

R. To emp. Anastasius, Dudum legatis

S. To Timotheus, Non mirabiter

T. To Eastern bps., Etsi admonitionis

U. To Eastern bps., Est quidem fidelium

V. To Possessor, Optimam vestrae

W. To people of Constant., Si is, qui calicem

X. To Enodius, Posteaquam profecta

Y. To Ennodius, In nomine

Z. To emp. Anastasius, Dum sapientiae

AA. To Dorotheus, Johannes frater

AB. To John, Optaremus dilectissimi

AC. To Salustius, Suscipientes plena

AD. To bps. of Baetica, Quid tam dulce

AE. to bps. of Syria, Lectis literis

AF. To emp. Justinus, Venerabilis regni

AG. To emp. Justinus, Sumptam de imperii

AH. To John, Spirituale gaudium

AI. To emp. Justinus, In tantum pro

AJ. To Euphemia, Ecclesiarum pax

AK. To Justinianus, Literarum vestrae

AL. To Justinianus, Magnitudinis vestrae

AM. Indiculus, quem acceperunt; Cum Deo propitio

AN. To John, Reddidimus quidem

AO. To John, Ea quae caritas

AP. To Theodosius, Gratias misericordiae

AQ. To Celer, Quamvis pro loci noster

AR. To Praet. Pref. et. al., Licet pro causa

AS. To Anastasia, Bonae voluntatis

AT. To Germanus, Opinionum diversitas

AU. To Germanus, Animus noster

AV. To Germanus, Necesse est

AW. To emp. Justinus, Lectis clementiae

AX. To John, Consideranti mihi

AY. To Justinianus, Benedicimus

AZ. Cum necesse fuerit

BA. To Pompeius, Ita devotionis

BB. To Juliana Anicia, Literis amplitudinis

BC. To Anastasia, Postquam Deus noster

BD. To Gratus, Contristavit nos

BE. To John, Vota nostra

BF. To Germanus, De his, quae acta

BG. To Dioscorus, De laboris tui, quem

BH. To Dioscorus, De laboris tui, quidem

BI. To Thomas, Animum nostrum

BJ. To John, Reperimus Thomatem

BK. To emp. Justinus, Gloriosis clementiae

BL. To Euphenia, Orare nos

BM. To Justinianus, Studium vestrum

BN. To Germanus, Excubantibus

BO. To Helias, etc., Quanto mens

BP. To Justinianus, Ita magnificentiae

BQ. To Germanus, Cum nos ecclesiasticae

BR. To Germanus, Graviter nos Joannis

BS. To Justinianus, Eulogio viro

BT. To legates, Ita nos incolumitatis

BU. To Germanus, Animos nostros

BV. To Possessor, Sicut rationi congruit

BW. Decretale in urbe Roma

BX. To Epiphanius, Diu nos non

BY. To Epiphanius, Oportuerat nos quidem

BZ. To Dorotheus, Considerantes tuae

CA. To emp. Justinus, Benedicta trinitas

CB. To Justinianus, Quod celsidtudo

CC. To Epiphanius, Benedicimus Dominum

CD. To council of Constant., Fratrem et coepiscopum

CE. To emp. Justinus, Scio quidem, venerabilis

CF. To emp. Justinus, Inter ea, quae ad unitatem

CG. To Epiphanius, Multo gaudio sum


A. To Caesarius, Legi, quod inter


A. To Caesarius, Per filium nostrum

B. Roman council of 531

291. JOHN II

A. To emp. Justinian, Inter claras sapientiae

B. To bps. of Gaul, Innotuit nobis

C. To clergy of Riez, Pervenit ad nos

D. To Caesarius, Caritatis tuae literas


A. To Caesarius, Optaveramus, frater

B. To Caesarius, Tanta est

C. To Reparatus, Iam dudum quidem

D. To Reparatus, Fraternitatis tuae literis

E. To emp. Justinianus, Licet de sacerdotii

F. To Petrus, Voluissemus quidem

G. To emp. Justinianus, Gratulamur venerabilis


A. To Caesarius, Si pro observatione

B. To Profuturus, Directas ad nos

C. To emp. Justinian, Literis clementiae

D. To Mennas, Licet universa

E. To Auxanius, Scripta de ordinatione

F. To Auxanius, Sicut nos pro tuae

G. To bps. of Gaul, Quantum nos divinae

H. To Auxanius, Licet fraternitati

I. To Aurelianus, Administrationem vicum

J. To bps. of Gaul, Admonet nos

K. To emp. Justinian, In nomine patris — Vigilius

L. To Theodora, In nomine patris — Nos semper

M. To Valentinianus, Fraternitatis tuae relegentes

N. To Aurelianus, Fraternitatis vestrae literas

O. To Rusticus, Diu vobis, Rustice

P. Res est quidem

Q. Dum in sanctae

R. To Eutychius, Repletum est gaudio

S. To emp. Justinian, Inter innumeras


A. Vas electionis

B. To bps. of Tuscia, Directam a vobis

C. To Sapaudus, Quae nobiscum

D. To Sapaudus, Fraternitatis vestrae

E. To Childebert, Rufinus

F. To Sapaudus, Quia legati

G. To Sapaudus, Majorum nostrorum

H. To Childebert, Excellentiae vestrae

I. To Childebert, Humani generis

J. To Sapaudus, Tanta nobis est

K. To Childebert, Cum celsitudini


A. To Aunarius, Laudanda tuae


A. To Petrus, Pergenti tibi

B. To LEander, Respondere epistolis

C. To Castorius, Luminosus

D. Roman council of 595

E. To Leander, Quanto ardore

F. To Virgilius, O quam bona

G. To bps. of Gaul, Ad hoc divine dispensationis

H. To Childebert, Laetos nos excellentiae

I. To Montana, Cum redemptor noster

J. To Secundinus, Dilectionis tuae scripta

K. To Syagrius, Caput nostrum

L. To Brunhilde, Postquam excellentiae

M. To Leander, Sanctitatis tuae suscepi

N. To Rechared, Explere verbis

O. To Augustinus, Per dilectissimos filios meos


A. To Florianus, Multum frater

B. To Theodorich, Scripta excellentiae


A. To Sergius, Scripta fraternitatis/Accepimus quae scripta


A. Roman council of 649

B. Synodal letter of 649, Gratia vobis

C. To emp. Constans, Coelesti saeculorum

D. To clergy of Carthage, Omni quidem virtus

E. To John, Fidelis sermo

F. To Theodorus, Est confusio

G. To Antonius, Decipi quidem

H. To Georgius, Te spiritu vegeto

I. To Pantaleon, Semper quidem omnis

J. To Petrus, Cum in timore

K. To people of Jerusalem, Gratia vobis

L. To Paulus, Dominus ac Deus

M. people of Thessalonica, Universitatis


A. To emp. Constantinus, Consideranti mihi

B. To emp. Constantinus, Omnium bonorum spes

301. LEO II

A. To emp. Constantinus, Regi regum

B. To Span. bps., Cum diversa sint

C. To Ervig, Cum unus

D. To Simplicius, Cum sit vestrae

E. To Quiricus, Ad cognitionem verae


A. To Petrus, Juxta quod


A. Roman council of 721

B. To Boniface, Desiderabilem mihi


A. To clergy of Gaul, Referente nobis

B. Roman council of 743

1. full form

2. short form


A. Roman council of 769


A. To Charlemagne, Dominus ac redemptor


A. Roman council of 826

308. LEO IV

A. To British, Quanto studio

B. Roman council of 853

C. To Prudentius, Cognoscat prudentia

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