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Fragment number Vinzent 10
Klostermann 3
Rettb. 3
Ancient source used Eusebius, Against Marcellus 1.4
Modern edition M. Vinzent, Markell von Ankyra: Die Fragmente (Leiden, 1997).

Now let us examine one specific statement from Asterius’ writings. He said, “For one is the Father, who begot from himself the only-begotten Word, the firstborn of all creation.” He has written, “only-begotten” and “firstborn,” joining both together even though there is a great contradiction between the names, as even those who have great difficulty learning can easily understand. For it is clear that the only-begotten, if he really is only-begotten, can no longer be a firstborn, and the firstborn as such cannot be only-begotten.

Translated by Daniel Noonan under the supervision of Prof. Glen L. Thompson, revised AMJ

Last updated: 8-29-2012

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