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Fragment number Vinzent 111
Klostermann 41
Rettb. 34
Ancient source used Eusebius, Against Marcellus 2.2. On Ecclesiastical Theology 1.16,20;2.8.
Modern edition M. Vinzent, Markell von Ankyra: Die Fragmente (Leiden, 1997).

And for this reason he does not name himself the Son of God but always calls himself the Son of Man so that through this kind of confession he may prepare man to become a son of God by adoption because of fellowship with him and so that as the Word he may reunite him with God after the end of his work, fulfilling that which was foretold by the Apostle: “Then he will be subjected to him who subjected all things to him so that God may be all and in all” (1 Cor 15:28). For then he will be just like he was before.

Translated by AMJ

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