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Fragment number Vinzent 59
Klostermann 31
Rettb. 26
Ancient source used Eusebius, Against Marcellus 2.3.
Modern edition M. Vinzent, Markell von Ankyra: Die Fragmente (Leiden, 1997).

Now because the star which shows the day is rightly named the “Morning Star” by the Prophet David, it is no longer right to ask who in the world does this Morning Star happens to be. For this was the star who appeared at that time, who was bringing and showing the Day to the Magi (Mt 2:1,2). Therefore it had already been apparent that “I have begotten you before the Morning Star” (Ps 110:3) was spoken by the Almighty Lord about the Word born through the virgin with human flesh. And the Gospel also clearly indicates that first our Lord was born through the virgin and then the star which showed the Day appeared.

Translated by AMJ

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