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Fragment number Vinzent 90
Klostermann 75
Ancient source used Eusebius, Ecclesiastical Theology 2.19
Modern edition M. Vinzent, Markell von Ankyra: Die Fragmente (Leiden, 1997).

For he himself confesses, “The father is in me and I am in the father” (Jn 10:38). That he did not say this lightly or without thinking is clear also from another apostolic saying, for the one who said, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism,” also said, “One God and Father who is over all and through all and in all” (Eph 4:5,6). You see that here he does not shrink from agreeing, but here he has learned the same thing. For after saying, “One Lord,” he then said, “one God,” so that whenever he makes mention of the one Lord he includes the Father as well, and whenever he speaks about the Father, he testifies that the Word is not outside of God.

Translated by Brandon Rogers under the supervision of Prof. Glen L. Thompson, revised AMJ

Last updated: 8-29-2012

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