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Fragment number Vinzent 99
Klostermann 111
Rettb. 99
Ancient source used Eusebius, Against Marcellus 2.3.
Modern edition M. Vinzent, Markell von Ankyra: Die Fragmente (Leiden, 1997).

So at any rate, the one who came down and took on flesh through the virgin was established as king over the church, clearly so that through the Word the man who had previously fallen out of the kingdom of heaven may be able to acquire the kingdom. Therefore because God wanted this man, who had previously fallen out of the kingdom because of his disobedience, to become Lord and God, he worked out this dispensation. Therefore the most holy prophet David says prophetically, “The Lord reigns. Let the earth rejoice” (Ps 97:1).

Translated by AMJ

Last updated: 8-29-2012

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