Volume V: St. Augustine

Translated by Peter Holmes, D.D., F.R.A.S. and Rev. Robert Ernest Wallis, Ph.D.

The page numbers are based on the September, 1971 reprint by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, MI.

On the Merits and Remission of Sins and on the Baptism of Infantspp. 11-78CPL 342
On the Spirit and the Letterpp. 80-114CPL 343
On Nature and Grace pp. 116-151 CPL 344
On Man’s Perfection in Righteousnesspp. 155-176CPL 347
On the Proceedings of Pelagiuspp. 178-212CPL 348
On the Grace of Christ; On Original Sinpp. 214-255CPL 349
On Marriage and Concupiscencepp. 258-308CPL 350
On the Soul and its Originpp. 310-371CPL 345
Against Two Letters of the Pelagianspp. 374-434CPL 346
On Grace and Free Willpp. 436-465CPL 352
On Rebuke and Gracepp. 468-491CPL 353
On the Predestination of Saintspp. 495-519CPL 354
On the Gift of Perseverancepp. 523-552CPL 355
Indexes pp. 553-568

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