Volume VI: St. Augustine

The pages given are for the July, 1979 reprint by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount
Translated by Rev. William Findlay, M.A.
pp. 3-63CPL 274
Book I: Explanation of the First Part of the Sermon in Matthew 5pp. 3-33
Book II: Explanation of the Latter Part of the Sermon in Matthew 6-7pp. 34-63
The Harmony of the Gospels
Translated by Rev. S. D. F. Salmond, D.D.
pp. 77-236 CPL 273
Book I: On the Authority of the Gospelspp. 77-101
Book II: A Comparison of Matthew and the Other Gospelspp. 102-176
Book III: The Harmony of the Gospels from the Supper to the Endpp. 177-225
Book IV: Peculiar Passages to Mark, Luke or Johnpp. 226-236
Sermons on the Selected Lessons of the New Testament
Translated by Rev. R. G. MacMullen, M.A.
pp. 245-545CPL 284
Indexespp. 549-575

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