Below is a listing of the works contained in series one of the Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers collection. Dating back to the late nineteenth century, this series of fourteen volumes contains English translations of Augustine and Chrysostom. Although the introductions, notes, and language are out of date, the volumes remain a valuable resource for study of these authors.

*Listed page numbers are for the American edition.

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VolumeOriginal AuthorContents
Volume ISt. AugustineThe Confessions; Letters
Volume IISt. AugustineCity of God; On Christian Doctrine
Volume IIISt. AugustineOn the Holy Trinity; Doctrinal Treatises; Moral Treatises
Volume IVSt. AugustineWritings Against the Manichaeans and the Donatists
Volume VSt. AugustineAnti-Pelagian Writings
Volume VISt. AugustineOur Lord's Sermon on the Mount; The Harmony of the Gospels; Homilies on the Gospels
Volume VIISt. AugustineHomilies; Soliloquies
Volume VIIISt. AugustineExpositions on the Book of Psalms
Volume IXSt. John ChrysostomOn the Priesthood; Ascetic Treatises; Select Homilies and Letters; Homilies on the Statues
Volume XSt. John ChrysostomHomilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew
Volume XISt. John ChrysostomHomilies on Acts and Romans
Volume XIISt. John ChrysostomHomilies on the Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians
Volume XIIISt. John ChrysostomHomilies on Paul's Letters
Volume XIVSt. John ChrysostomHomilies on the Gospel of St. John and the Letter to the Hebrews

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