Latin Title: De Eleazaro et septem pueris
Reference: CPG 4441 (13)
PG 63, 523-530
Incipit: Ὡς ὡραία ἡ πνευματικὴ ἐλαία
Date: 398-399 (Mayer)
Greek Text: PG 63, 523-530

A. Wenger, “Restauration de l’Homélie de Chrysostome sur Eléazar et les sept frères Macchabées (PG 63, 523-530)”, in J. Dummer, J. Irmscher, F. Paschke and K. Treu (eds), Texte und Textkritik. Eine Aufsatzsammlung (TU 133), Berlin Akademie Verlag, 1987, 599-604.

English Translation: W. Mayer with B. Neil, The Cult of the Saints. John Chrysostom, New York: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2006, 119-134.
Other Modern Translations: German and French (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)
Notes: The PG substitutes a portion of the text which does not properly belong to this homily and is missing the conclusion of the homily. Wenger’s lacuna provides the missing portions of the text. Mayer’s translation uses the fully revised text and provides the homily in its entirety.

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