Latin Title: In Eutropium
Reference: CPG 4392
PG 52, 391-396
Savile 8, 67-71
Incipit: Ἀεὶ μὲν μάλιστα δὲ νῦν εὔκαιρον
Date: July 399 (Kelly)
Greek Text: PG 52, 391-396
Other Ancient Versions: Latin and Armenian (see CPG Vol. 2 p. 511)
English Translation: W.R.W. Stephens, “On Eutropius When He Had Taken Refuge in the Church” in NPNF1, vol. 9, (New York, 1889) p. 249-252.A revised translation by Kevin Knight is available online here.

Mayer, W. and P. Allen, John Chrysostom (The Early Church Fathers), London: Routledge, 2000, 132-139.

Other Modern Translations: Italian and Spanish (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)

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