CPL 90
Modern Text Anglada Anfruns, Angel.  El mito de Ave Fénix = De Ave Phœnice: introducción, textos, traducción, notas. Barcelona, 1983; CSEL 27, p. 135.
English Translations Flintoff, Eddie, tr. The Phoenix. Hinton Charterhouse, 1995 (limited edition); McDonald, Mary Francis. The Minor Works. Washington, 1965 (The Fathers of the Church, 54), 213-220; Duff, J. Wight & Arnold M. Duff, De Ave Phoenice, pp. 643-665 of Minor Latin Poets. London, 1934 (Loeb Classical Library), contains facing Latin and English texts; FitzPatrick, Mary Cletus. Lactanti De ave phoenice. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1933.

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