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Abbreviations according to G. W. H. Lampe, A Patristic Greek Lexicon, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1961. Lampe uses † to denote works of doubtful authorship and ‡ to denote spurious works.

AbbreviationLatin Title
Eun. 4, 5contra Eunomium libri 4, 5
Gen.fragmenta in Gen.
Ex.fragmenta in Ex.
2 Reg.fragmenta in 2 Reg.
Jobfragmenta in Job
fr. Ps.fragmenta in Ps.
Ps.expositio in Pss.
Pr.fragmenta in Pr.
Jo.fragmenta in Jo.
Ac.fragmenta in Ac.
Rom.fragmenta in Rom.
1 Cor.fragmenta in 1 Cor.
2 Cor.fragmenta in 2 Cor.
Heb.fragmenta in Heb.
†Jac.fragmenta in Jac.
†1 Petr.fragmenta in 1 Petr.
†1-3 Jo.fragmenta in 1-3 Jo.
†Judaefragmenta in Judae
fr.fragmenta dogmatica
Man.contra Manichaeos Trinitate


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