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Date c. 303-306
Ancient Source(s) Codex Veronensis, LX, ed. M.J. Routh, Reliquae Sacrae, IV, 91-4; Migne, P.G. X, 1565-8, XVIII, 519-10

I have discovered that Melitius is not at all acting for the common good. He is not content with the letter of our most holy bishops and martyrs, but rather, after entering my parish, has taken for himself a very great position. The result is that he has attempted to alienate the presbyters from my authority, as well as those entrusted with visiting the needy. He has indicated his desire for pre-eminence by ordaining several presbyters for himself while in prison and the mines. Pay attention that you have no fellowship with him, until together with some wise men, I can meet him and evaluate these things which he is planning. Farewell.

Translated by GLT

Alternative translation available in ANF vol. 6, p. 280

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