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Date c. 333
Ancient Source(s) Athanasius, Ap. 67

To his dearly beloved brother John, Pinnes, Presbyter of the Monastery of Ptemencyrcis, in the home of Anteopolis, sends greeting.

I wish you to know that Athanasius sent his deacon into the Thebais to search everywhere for Arsenius. And Pecysius the Presbyster, Silvanus the brother of Helias, Tapenacerameus, and Paul monk of Hypsele, whom he first fell in with, confessed that Arsenius was with us. Upon learning this we caused him to be put on board a vessel, and to sail to the lower countries with Helias the monk. Afterwards the deacon returned again suddenly with certain others, and entered our monastery in search of the same Arsenius, and they did not find him because, as I said before, we had sent him away to the lower countries. But they conveyed me together with Helias the monk, who took him out of the way, to Alexandria, and brought us before the Duke. When I was unable to deny, but confessed that he was alive and had not been murdered, the monk who also took him out of the way confessed the same. Therefore I acquaint you with these things, Father, should you should determine to accuse Athanasius. For I said that he was alive and had been concealed with us, and all this has become known in Egypt, and it can no longer be kept secret.

I, Paphnutius, monk of the same monastery, who wrote this letter, heartily salute you. I pray for your health.

Translation from NPNF2 vol. 4, p. 135

Adapted by SMT

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