CPL 85
Date c. 306-313
Modern Texts Sources Chrétiennes, 326 (book 1), 337 (book 2), 377 (book 4), 204-205 (book 5), 509 (book 6); CSEL 19 (books 3 and 7); see also Heck, Eberhard & Antonie Wlosok.  L. Cælius Firmianus Lactantius, Divinarum institutionum libri septem,  Fasc. 1: Libri I & II. München & Leipzig, 2005 (Biblioteca Teubneriana), lxi + 200 pp. (Definitive edition based upon a new and exhaustive collation of the mss with six fold apparatus; the remaining fascicles to appear at two year intervals)
English Translations Bowen, Anthony & Peter D. A. Garnsey. Lactantius: Divine Institutes, translated with an introduction and notes; xiv + 472 pp., color plate. Liverpool, 2003 (Translated Texts for Historians 43); McDonald, Mary Francis. The Divine Institutes, books I-VII. Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 1964 (The Fathers of the Church, 49); an English translation can also be accessed online via IntraText here.
Summary of contents Apologetic work of Christianity against the pagans.

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