CPG 3730
Author Jobius
Greek Text Lietzmann, Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule: Texte und Untersuchungen, 286-287.

I confess that the Lord Jesus Christ, who from eternity is the fleshless God the Word but in the last ages united to himself flesh from a holy virgin, is God and Man, one and the same, one composite hypostasis and one undivided person, a mediator between God and men and the one who joins divided products to the one who made them, consubstantial with God according the deity he had from the beginning from the Father’s essence and consubstantial with men according to flesh united to him from human nature, worshipped and glorified with his own flesh because through it he became for us a ransom from death and a communion with the undying one. For the flesh, being highly united to the Word and never separated from it, is not that of a man, not that of a servant, not that of a created person, but that of God the Word himself, the Demiurge, the one who is consubstantial to God, and yet it is not consubstantial to the bodiless essence of the inexpressible Father.

As for those who say or teach that the flesh highly united to the Word and never separated from it is consubstantial to God, that is, to the bodiless essence, we, in keeping with the apostolic command, shun them as people who make for the church dissensions and offences beyond the teaching which we learned from the beginning and consider them as foreign because they oppose the original tradition and church peace.

Translated by AMJ

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