The following chart is a continuation of the chart of Syriac authors until approximately 451, extending the chart to 754.

For more information on Syriac authors, see The Center for the Study of Christianity’s Comprehensive Bibliography on Syriac Christianity.

G = Group the writer is associated with

D = Daysanism
M = Monophysite
Ma = Malkite
N = Nestorian
S = Secular
Z = Zoroastrian

Name Dates Writings G Bibliographic Reference
Peter the Priest of Edessa c. 490 Memre and hymns in praise of St. Ephraim Barsoum, 245
Isaac the Great of Antioch d. c. 491 Daily Supplications
Around 200 memre
Baumstark, 63-65
Barsoum, 246-250
Wright, 51-54
Aqaq/Akakios d. 496 Treatise on faith
3 treatises on fasting
Baumstark, 109
Narsai of Ma’althaya, of Edessa and Nisibis Hymns and other metrical compositions
Commentaries on Joshua, Judges, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, the twelve minor prophets, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel
360 metrical discourses
Expositions of the order of celebrating the Eucharist and of baptism
Paraenetic and funeral sermons
Book On the Corruption of Morals
N Baumstark, 109-113
Wright, 58-59
Mari the Persian of Beth Hardasher Commentary on Daniel
Treatise against the magi of Nisibis
N Wright, 51,59
Acacius the Catholicos of Seleucia fl. c. 484-496 Discourses on fasting and the faith
Discourses against the Monophysites
Translation of Elisha’s treatise on faith
N Wright, 59-60
Micah of Lashom Discourses
The Five Reasons of the Mautebhe
N Wright, 60
Yazidadh of Edessa Book of collectanea (lukkate) N Wright, 61
Ara of Edessa Treatise against the magi/Persian priesthood
Treatise against the followers of Bardaisan (entitled The Beetles)
N Baumstark, 57
Wright, 61
Polycarp the Chorepiscopus of Mabug fl. 500-508 Translation of the Bible from Greek to Syriac (“Philoxenian translation”) Barsoum, 250-251
Stephen bar Sudayli of Edessa c. 510 Mystical commentaries on the Torah and Psalms
The Book of Hierotheus
Baumstark, 167
Barsoum, 251-252
Wright, 76-77
Simon (the Potter) the Deacon of Antioch d. 514 Religious poetry Baumstark, 158-159
Barsoum, 252-253
John Rufus (the Antiochan) the Bishop of Mayoma, of Palestine c. 515 80 chronicles and narratives M Baumstark, 184
Barsoum, 253-254
Joshua the Stylite of Edessa c. 515 Chronicle of the Persian War M Barsoum, 254-255
Wright, 77-78
Jacob of Sarug d. 521 Numerous memre/poems
Madroshos, sughithos
43 surviving letters
11 festal homilies
A prayer of peace
Shubohos (prose hymns)
An order for Baptism
Biographies on Daniel of Jalsh and Hannina
M Baumstark, 148-158
Barsoum, 255-261
Wright, 67-72
Philoxenus of Mabug d. 523 Translation of the Bible (508)
An anaphora
An order of baptism for dying infants
Commentaries on the Gospels and both Testaments
Sermons and 13 homilies on the Christian life and character
3 liturgies
Treatise On the Trinity and the Incarnation (one in three discourses and the other in ten discourses)
Treatise on “the incarnation and suffering of one Person of the Trinity”
6 treatises against the Nestorians (only two extant)
13 treatises against the Chalcedonians (only two extant)
Treatise containing his belief and a refutation of heresies
Treatise distinguishing the heresies of Mani, Marcion, Eutyches, Deodorus and Nestorius
Treatise against Habib al-‘Attar (the druggist)
13 treatises on the perfection of Christian life
4 Confessions of Faith
Discourse on the unity of the two natures of Christ
Discourse on the man who violates excommunication by the priests of his own will
Discourse on how a man should explain his belief
Discourse on the unity of the body of Christ
Discourse against the Nestorians and Eutychians
Discourses on monastic regulations, the fear of God, humility, repentance, prayer, how to remedy the whims of the soul, virginity, tonsure, a discussion with brethren monks, the tranquility of worship, the monastery, organization and aphorism
Baumstark, 141-144
Barsoum, 262-270
Wright, 14, 72-76
Simon the Abbot of the Monastery of Beth Licinius (Liqin) Translation of the Psalms from Greek to Syriac
Commentary on some of the Psalms
Barsoum, 270-271
Paul the Bishop of al-Raqqa (Callinicus), of Edessa c. 528 Translations of the writings of Severus of Antioch M Barsoum, 271-272
Wright, 94-95
Mara of Amid and Seleucia d. 529 Commentary on the Gospels
Several books in Greek
Barsoum, 272-273
Wright, 83
Aploris/Aplolaris(?) of Edessa Tripartite historical romance (c. 502-532) Wright, 99-100
Sergius of Rish ‘Ayna (Theodosiopolis) d. 536 Discourse on faith (c. 485-488 – lost)
Treatises on logic
Treatise on negation and affirmation
Treatise on the causes of the universe according to Aristotle
Treatise on genus, species and individuality
Treatise on the purpose of Aristotle’s writings
Treatise on the action and influence of the moon
Book on de Simplicium Medicamentorum
Translations from Greek to Syriac
M Barsoum, 273-274
Wright, 88-93
John bar Cursus the Bishop of Tella d. 538 48 canons to the monks of his monastery
27 canons of commandments and exhortations for the clery
Confession of faith
Commentary on the Trisagion
M Baumstark, 174
Barsoum, 274-276
Wright, 81-83
Severus of Antioch d. 538 2 treatises refuting Niphalius, the Alexandrian monk
Philalethes and a defense thereof
Book against Bishop John Grammaticus of Caesarea, the Malkite
2 books refuting Julian the Phantasiast, bishop of Halicarnassus
Treatise against Sergius Grammaticsu, the Eutychian
Treatise against John of Scythopolise, the Malkite priest
Treatise against Philixismus
Treatise against the Manicheans
Treatise against the covenant of Lamphytius
Treatise against Alexander
Letter to the patricians Paul and Aphiun against Eutychian heresy and a dialogue for Anstas
295 ma’ithos (anthems/hymns)
A liturgy, an order for the Benediction of the Chalice, and order for Baptism and the Benediction of water at the Epiphany and supplications
Commentary of the Gospel of Luke
Commentary of the apocalypse of Ezekiel
Homiliae Cathedrales (125 homilies)
Letters (around 3,800)
Barsoum, 276-289
John bar Aphtonia of Seleucia and Qenneshrin d. 538 Commentary on Song of Songs
Treatise on the Orthodox doctrine submitted to Emperor Justinian
5 ma’nithos
Hymns and antiphons
Biography of Severus of Antioch
M Barsoum, 289-290
Wright, 83-85
Simon the Bishop of Beth Arsham d. 540 An anaphora/liturgy
Letter entitled On Barsauma and the Sect of the Nestorians
Letter to Simon, abbot of Gabbula, on the persecution of the Christians at Jajran by Dhu Nuwas, kind of al-Yaman in 523/4
Other letters of the Faith
Books and treatises refuting heresies
M Barsoum, 290-291
Wright, 79-81
Simon of Rish ‘Ayna, of Constantinople Treatise against the Dyophysites Barsoum, 292
Oecumenius the Count Commentary on the apocalypse of John Barsoum, 293
Thomas the Bishop of Germanicia d. 542 Letters M Barsoum, 293
Zachariah the Rhetor of Lesbos Profane and ecclesiastical history from 450-491
Biographies of Severus of Antioch, Isaac the Ascetic, Peter, bishop of Mayuma and Thomas, bishop of Ausana (the latter is lost)
M Baumstark, 183-184
Barsoum, 293-294
Wright, 107-108
Daniel of Selah and Tell Mawzalt Commentaries on the Psalms and Ecclesiastes (c. 542)
Treatises on the Egyptian plagues
M Baumstark, 179-180
Barsoum, 294-296
Wright, 159-160
John II the Abbot of the Monastery of Qenneshrin Biography of Severus of Antioch (544) Barsoum, 296
Thomas of Edessa d. 544 Treatise on the feasts of Christmas and Epiphany
Refutation of astrology
Funeral sermons
Baumstark, 121-122
Kyros (Qijore) of Edessa homilies N Baumstark, 122
Elijah the Monk Biography of John bar Cursus Barsoum, 297
Theodore the Bishop of Merv “a solution of the ten questions of Sergius [of Rish ‘Ayna]”
Commentary of Psalms
Metrical history of Mar Eugenius and his companions
Baumstark, 122
Wright, 119-120
Gabriel of Hormizdsher Two books against the Manichees and Chaldaeans
Commentaries on Scripture passages
Baumstark, 122
Wright, 120-121
Moses of Agel d. c. 550 Glaphyra (Mysteries) (fragments extant)
Translation into Syriac of the story of Joseph the Righteous and his wife
M Barsoum, 297
Baumstark, 160-161
Wright, 112-113
John Sabha f. 550 Sermons
N Wright, 109-110
Mar Aba the Catholicos of Seleucia r. 536-552 Commentaries, homilies, epistles, translations and canons N Baumstark, 119-120
Wright, 116-118
Abraham of Kashkar, of Hazzah Treatise on the monastic life Wright, 118-119
Elisa bar Quzbaje of Nisibis Treatise against Monophysites
Exegetical work on the Old Testament
Continued translations of Theodore of Mopsuestia’s works
Commentary on Paul’s letters
Work on the founding of the school of Nisibis
On the Martyrs
Acknowledgements on the liturgical practices on the closing of the Eucharist
N Baumstark, 114-115
Abraham de Bet Rabban of Nisibis d. 566/567 Commentaries on books of the OT
History of the founding of the school of Nisibis
Memre, madrashos
N Baumstark, 115
Wright, 114
Johanan of Nisibis Commentaries on books of the OT
A work against Jews, Magi and Monophysites
N Baumstark, 115-116
Wright, 114-115
Joseph Huzaya of Nisibis Treatise on Syriac grammar N Baumstark, 116-117
Wright, 115-116
Hannana of Hebhaiyabh, of Nisibis Commentaries, expositions and other various writings N Baumstark, 127
Wright, 124-127
Joseph of Hazza Various writings N Wright, 128-129
Anonymous Syrian Monk Historical collection comprised of 12 books Barsoum, 298
Paul of Nisibis d. 571 Disputation Against the Caesar N Baumstark, 120-121
Bodh of Persia (India) Discourses on the faith
Discourses against the Manichees and Marcionites
Book of Greek questions (Aleph Migin)
Translation of Kalilah and Dimnah (collection of Indian tales)
N Baumstark, 124-125
Wright, 123-124
Abudemeh of Takrit d. 575 Book of definitions of logical matters
Grammar based on the Greek method
M Barsoum, 299
Wright, 97-98
Sergius the Ascetic Monk of Nicaea c. 577 Treatise refuting his opponent John the Lame Barsoum, 299-300
Jacob Baradaeus of Constantinople and Alexandria d. 578 An anaphora
Creed/confession of faith
Homily for the feast of Annunciation
M Barsoum, 300-301
Wright, 85-88
Quryaqos of Tella Supplications Barsoum, 301-302
Sergius bar Karya of Harran d. c. 580 Translation into Syriac the biography of Severus of Antioch
Treatise on the Holy Chrism
10 canons on excommunicated clergy
M Barsoum, 302
Baumstark, 184-185
Paul II the Patriach of Antioch, of Alexandria and Antioch d. 581 Letters and a treatise Barsoum, 302
Cyrus the Priest of Batnan, of Edessa d. c. 582 Profane and ecclesiastical history from 565-582 Barsoum, 303
Qura (Kyros) of Edessa Writings of church history M Baumstark, 182-183
John of Ephesus, of Amid and Constantinople d. 587 Ecclesiastical History from the time of Julius Caesar to 585 (portions extant)
Biographies of Eastern saints
Book on the persecution started by the Malkites against the church in 537
M Barsoum, 304-309
Baumstark, 181-182
Wright, 102-107
Abraham of Kashkar, of Nisibis (Mt. Izla) d. 588 Rules for monks N Baumstark, 130-131
Wright, 119
Paul the Persian of Dershar Treatise on logic Z? Wright, 122
Meshihazekha (Ishozekha/Zekhaisho) of Mt. Izla Ecclesiastical history N Baumstark, 204
Wright, 130-131
Peter III of al-Ragga (Callinicus) d. 591 Book of four treatises against Damian, patriarch of Alexandria
An anaphora
Treatise against the Tritheists
Metrical homily
M Barsoum, 309-310
Wright, 113-114
Abraham of Nephtar 8 discourses N Barsoum, 131-132
Baumstark, 111-112
Wright, 131-132
Babai bar Nesib(h)naja of Mt. Izla Memre and Tesbihat N Baumstark, 132
Ishoyahb I of Arzon d. 596 Treatises, apology, canons and epistles N Baumstark, 126
Wright, 129-130
Abraham bar Qardaha of Nisibis Memre, eulogies, homilies and letters N Baumstark, 127
Julian II of Antioch d. 595 Commentary on the work of Peter III (portions extant) Barsoum, 310-311
Abraham of Amid d. 598 Translation of liturgy of Serugius, bishop of Samosata Translation of liturgy of Serugius, bishop of Samosata
John the Chanter of Qenneshrin d. c. 600 Ma’nithos Barsoum, 311
Sabhrisho of Lashom and Nisibis d. 604 Ecclesiastical history N Baumstark, 128
Wright, 133-134
Dadhisho the Abbot of the Convent on Mt. Izla d. 604 Treatise on the monastic life
On Silence in Body and in Spirit
Discourse, funeral sermons and epistles
N Baumstark, 130
Wright, 131
Gregorius I of Seleucia d. 608 Nestorian confession
Canonization of the authority of Theodore of Mopsuestia
N Baumstark, 128
Gregorius of Kaskar Monastic/ascetic works N Baumstark, 128
Bad(h)oga Michael of Nisibis Questions of the Bible text
Collection of definitions
N Baumstark, 129
Nathaniel of Sirzor Commentary on Psalms
N Baumstark, 129
Bar ‘Id(h)ta d. 611 Monastic history N Baumstark, 203
Wright, 131-132
Simeon Barkaya of Beth Garmai Chronicle N Baumstark, 135
Wright, 132-133
Rufina the Silver Merchant of Antioch(?) Dates Treatise entitled The Destruction of the Spider’s Web Woven by Leontius of Jerusalem Barsoum, 312
Simon the Priest of Edessa Commentary on the third, sixth and eighth chapters of Genesis
Treatise on the return of the Jews from Babylonian captivity
Treatise on the weeks of the Prophet Daniel
Barsoum, 312
Sergius the Stylite of Horns Treatise addressing a Jew Barsoum, 312-313
Paul the Metropolitan of Tella Translation into Syriac of the Hexapla
Completed the Books of Kings in 616
Translation of Severus of Antioch’s order of Baptism
An order of Baptism and a liturgy
M Barsoum, 313-315
Baumstark, 186-188
Wright, 14-16
Thomas the Deacon Assisted Paul of Tella translate the book of Daniel into Syriac Barsoum, 315
Paul the Metropolitan of Edessa Translated hymns of Severus of Antioch and others (619)
Translated Gloria in Exclesis Deo
M Barsoum, 315-316
Baumstark, 190
Quraqs the Metropolitan of Amid d. 623 6 canons Barsoum, 316
Anba Paul of Cyprus Translated the theological works of Gregory the Theologian (624) Barsoum, 316
Thomas of Harkel, of Mabug and Alexandria Harklean version of the NT (616)
A liturgy
M Barsoum, 317-318
Baumstark, 188-189
Wright, 16
Bab(h)ai the Great/the Elder of Nisibis d. 628 Commentaries on the Scripture, Virgin Mary, St. John and feasts of the year
On the reasons for celebrating Palm Sunday and the festival of the holy cross
Discourse on the union
Exposition on Evagrius’ Centuries
Exposition of the discourses of the monk Mark
Rules for novices
Canon for monks
Letters to Joseph Hazzaya
History of Diodore of Tarsus and his followers
On Matthew the wanderer, Abrahan of Nisibis and Gabriel Katraya
Biography of his contemporary George
N Baumstark, 137-139
Wright, 167-169
Athanasius I Gamolo of Antioch d. 631 Three letters
Discourse including the biography of Severus of Antioch
M Barsoum, 318-319
Baumstark, 185-186
Severus the Bishop of Samosata d. c. 643 Liturgy Barsoum, 319
Thomas the Priest of Batnan History from 512-641 Barsoum, 320
Baumstark, 247
’Emaues the Priest Ephramite ode on the resurrection of the dead Barsoum, 320
John I/III of the Sedros the Patriarch of Antioch d. 648 Letters
Supplicatory prayers (sedros/husoyos)
Doctrinal treatise
M Barsoum, 320-322
Baumstark, 243-245
Wright, 139
Marutha of Takrit d. 649 Commentary on the Gospels
Festal homilies
Treatise against Nestorianism (lost)
Letter to the Patriarch John
A liturgy and supplicatory prayer
The life of Abudemeh
Supplicatory prose hymns
M Barsoum, 322-323
Baumstark, 245
Wright, 136-137
John the Metropolitan of Busra d. 650 Liturgy Barsoum, 323
Andrew the Priest of Jerusalem Commentaries on the Scriptures
Discourse on the death and funeral of the Virgin Mary
Barsoum, 324
John the Ascetic of Naqar, of Edessa Testimonies about Baptism and the partaking in Holy Sacraments Barsoum, 324
Ishoyabh III of Hedhaiyabh d. c. 658 Refutation of (Heretical) Opinions
Discourses, hymns, exhortation, letters
Hudhra (service book for Sundays)
History of monk Ishosabhran
N Baumstark, 197-200
Wright, 171-174
Denha I the Maphryono of Takrit d. 659 Biography of Marutha M Barsoum, 325
Janurin the Kandidatos of Amid Translation into Syriac of 17 poems by Gregory Nanzianzen (665) M Barsoum, 325
Baumstark, 259
Wright, 156
Severus Sabukht of Qenneshrin d. 667 Treatise on the weeks of Daniel
2 letters to Sergius, abbot of the Monastery of Khanushia, with commentary on two discourses by Gregory Nanzianzen on the Son and Holy Spirit
Barsoum, 325-328
Baumstark, 246-247
Wright, 137-139
Ithalaha the Monk of Mar of Zakka (near Callicinus) or Ithalaha of Nineveh Questions of the Nestorians and the Refutation of their Opinions about the Orthodox
Scholion on the order of Gregory Nanzianzen’s discourses
Barsoum, 328
Jonah the Bishop of Tell Mawzawlt Letter M Barsoum, 329
Baumstark, 259
Severus the Bishop of Antioch(?) Letter and treatise Barsoum, 329
Sabroy the Malphono of Beth Shahaq (near Nineveh) Dialogue and 3 treatises M Barsoum, 329-330
Baumstark, 245-246
The Rabbans Ram Yeshu of Beth Shahaq and Gabriel of St. Matthew Wrote the Basilica with father, Sabroy (anthem sung when king/prince is attending the church service)
Choir canticles
Service book
M Barsoum, 330
Baumstark, 245-246
Micah of Beth Garmai Ecclesiastical history and memre N Baumstark, 207-208
Elias of Merv Catena partum on the Gospels
Commentaries and letters
Ecclesiastical history (no longer extant)
N Baumstark, 208
Wright, 179-180
George I of Kaphra, of Hedhaiyabh d. 680 Homilies, hymns and prayers
Epistola dogmatica
N Baumstark, 208-209
Wright, 178-179
Severus II bar Mashqa the Patriarch d. 681 Letter and some husoyos M Barsoum, 330-331
Baumstark, 256
Athanasius II of Balad d. 686 Translations
Public letter to Christians
Supplicatory prayers and prayers for the dead
M Barsoum, 331-333
Baumstark, 256-257
Wright, 154-156
Abraham II al-Sayyad d. 686 Liturgy Barsoum, 333
John I the Maphryono of Takrit d. 688 Public message to Antiochian bishops Barsoum, 334
Constantine the Bishop of Harran Explanation of the creeds from the councils of Nicaea and Chalcedon
Treatise against Severus of Antioch
“anagnosticon” on the supposed mutilation of the Trisagion
Reply to Simeon, bishop of Harran’s treatise
Ma Baumstark, 336-337
Wright, 160-161
Simon the Presbyter of the Monastery of Qenneshrin Treatise against Maximus M Barsoum, 334
Baumstark, 247
Isaac of Nineveh d. c. 700 The Way of Monasticism
3 theses
7 volumes of ascetical writings, letters and dialogues
N? Barsoum, 140
Baumstark, 223-225
Wright, 110-111
New Advent
Henanisho I of the Convent of Yaunan (Jonah) d. c. 700 Homilies, sermons, letters and memre
The life of Sergius Dewadha
On the Twofold Use of the School
Commentary on Aristotle’s Analytics
N Baumstark, 209
Wright, 181-182
Simon Detaibut(h)a On Moral Conduct
Explanation on the Secrets of the Monk Cell
N Baumstark, 209-210
Jacob of Edessa d. 708 Revision of Peshitta translation of New Testament
Book of Kings (vocalized in 705)
Book on the vocalization of N and OT terminology
Schlolia (commentary on the Pentateuch and other books of the OT)
The Divinity and Incarnation
The First Cause
Book of the Six Days (Hexaemeron)
Questions and replies on the essence of Christianity
Prose homilies
Treatise on the rapture of the Apostle Paul to the third heaven
Commentary on the celebration of the Eucharist
Treatise explaining why monks wear wool
Organization of the shhimo (regular weekday service book)
Organization of phanqithos (church service books for Sunday and festivals)
Book of Treasures
Orders of funerals
Madroshos and other poetry
Revision of St. James’ liturgy
A liturgy and a huyoso
A calendar of feasts
Translation of Severus of Antioch’s homilies
Revision of Severus of Antioch’s hymns
Revision of Gregory the Theologian’s poems*
Translation of Aristotle’s Categories
Translation of Eusebius of Caesaria’s Chronicles
Translation of Clement of Rome’s books of the second canons (first: Covenant of Our Lord)
Translation of the canons of the first Council of Carthage and the three Ecumenical Councils
Translation of the apocryphal history of the children of Jehonadab
Enchiridon (book of scientific and philosophical phrases)
Chronicle (fragments extant)
Syriac Grammar (fragments extant)
166 canons
Commentary on Hebrews
M Barsoum, 334-351
Baumstark, 248-256
Wright, 141-154
Euthalius the Bishop of the Monastery of St. Ousebuna Letter on canonical questions by the ascetic priest Addai Barsoum, 351
Simon the Presbyter of the Monastery of the Arabs near Tell Mawzalt Letter answering the questions posed by the ascetic priest Addai (c. 710) Barsoum, 351
Simon the Presbyter of Samosata Biography of Mar Theodotus the Ascetic, metropolitan of Amid Barsoum, 351-352
Leo the Bishop of Harran Letter to Jacobite patriarch, Elias Ma Baumstark, 337
Wright, 161
Elias the Patriarch of Antioch d. 724 Apology to Leo M Baumstark, 269
Wright, 161-162
George the Bishop of the Arabs, of Aqula d. c. 724 Commentaries on some books of the Bible
Commentary on the Sacraments
Completed Jacob of Edessa’s The Book of the Six Days
Scholion on the homilies of Gregory Nazianzen
Translation of Aristotle’s Organon
A chronicle (lost)
6 homilies
M Barsoum, 354-358
Baumstark, 257-258
Wright, 156-159
Babai bar Nesib(h)naya of Mt. Izla f. 713-729 Discourses, homilies, memre, histories and letters N Baumstark, 132
Wright, 184-185
John Azraq/Zaroqa of Hirta Exhortation, letters N Baumstark, 210
John bar Penkaya History, letters, memre, translations, tesbohta
7 volume ascetic work
N Baumstark, 210-211
Simon de-beth Zayte of the Monastery of Qartmin d. 734 Polemical books against Malkites
Treatise addressed to the Malkite Constantine, bishop of Harran
Barsoum, 359-360
Constantine the Bishop of Edessa d. 735 Metrical discourses M Barsoum, 360-361
John the Stylite of Atharb d. 738 Treatise on the human soul
A short history (lost except for a few citations)
Letter to the priest Daniel of Tay
M Barsoum, 361
Baumstark, 258-259
Daniel bar Moses of Tur ‘Abdin Chronicle (events from years 739, 745 and 748 extant) M Barsoum, 362
Baumstark, 273
Wright, 163
John bar Samuel of West Syria Chronicle (c. 746) M Barsoum, 362
Baumstark, 273
Phocas bar Sergius of Edessa Commentary M Barsoum, 362-363
Baumstark, 271-272
Wright, 93
John II the Metropolitan of the Monastery of St. Matthew Liturgy Barsoum, 363
Abraham bar Dashandadh of Saphsapha Book of exhortations
Discourses on repentance
The look of the king’s way
Disputation with the Jews
Commentary on the discourses of Mark the Monk
N Baumstark, 214
Wright, 185-186
Mar Aba II of Kaskar d. 851 Commentary on works of Gregory Nazianzen
Homilies, memre, expositions, letters, additional commentaries
The Book of Generals
N Baumstark, 214-215
Wright, 186-187
Sahdost of Tirhan Synodical address
Memre and homilies
N Baumstark, 215
John I of Hawran and Antioch d. 754? Synodical letter Barsoum, 363-364
Baumstark, 243-245
Elijah the Bishop of Sinjar Commentary on discourses of Gregory Nazianzen Barsoum, 364



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