Volume 1: The Apostolic Fathers; Justin Martyr; Irenaeus

Arr. by A. Cleveland Coxe, D.D.

The page numbers given below are based on the 1981 reprint by Wm. B. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids MI.

St. Clement: Letter to the Corinthianspp. 1-21
Mathetes: Letter to Diognetuspp. 23-30
Polycarp: Letter to the Philippianspp. 31-36
Polycarp: Martyrdom pp. 37-44
Ignatius: Letter to the Ephesians: Storter and Longer Versionspp. 45-58
Ignatius: Letter to the Magnesianspp. 59-65
Ignatius: Letter to the Trallianspp. 66-72
Ignatius: Letter to the Romanspp. 73-78
Ignatius: Letter to the Philadelphianspp. 79-85
Ignatius: Letter to the Smyrneanspp. 86-92
Ignatius: Letter to Polycarppp. 93-96
Ignatius: Appendix: Syriac Versionpp. 97-104
Ignatius: Spurious Letterspp. 105-126
Ignatius: Martyrdompp. 127-132
Barnabas: Letter of Barnabaspp. 133-150
Barnabas: Papias: Fragmentspp. 151-155
Justin Martyr: The First Apologypp. 159-187
Justin Martyr: The Second Apologypp. 188-193
Justin Martyr: Dialogue with Trypho, a Jewpp. 194-270
Justin Martyr: The Discourse to the Greekspp. 271-272
Justin Martyr: Hortatory Address to the Greekspp. 273-289
Justin Martyr: On the Sole Government of God pp. 290-293
Justin Martyr: On the Resurrection: Fragmentspp. 294-299
Justin Martyr: Other Fragmentspp. 300-302
Justin Martyr: Martyrdompp. 303-306
Irenaeus: Against Heresiespp. 309-567
Irenaeus: Fragmentspp. 568-578
Indexespp. 581-602

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