Key Facts:

Date Autumn 381
Location Aquilea (northern Italy)
Summoned by
Emperor Gratian
Chaired by Valerian of Aquilea
Number of Participants
Key Participants
Ambrose of Milan; Eusebius of Bologna; Sabinus of Piacenza
Purpose To confirm the Nicene understanding of the coeternity and cosubstantiality of the Father and the Son; continue to condemn Arians (namely Palladius of Ratiaria, Secundianus of Singidunum and Attalus, the presbyter)
Key Events
Ambrose’s argument with Arian-leaning Palladius of Ratiaria and Secundus of Singidunum; the removal of several anti-Nicene bishops from the episcopate
Ancient Descriptions Parisinus 8907


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