Key Facts:

Date 424
Location Markabta
Summoned by
Chaired by Mar Dadiso
Number of Participants 37
Key Participants Bishop Mar Dadiso, Bishop Agapeta, Bishop Hosa of Nisibis
Purpose To address Mar Dadiso’s request to resign as catholicos
Key Events Mar Dadiso urges the bishops to allow him to resign; the bishops urge Dadiso to reconsider; the bishops declare it unlawful to bring a charge against the catholicos because he is subject only to Christ, thereby asserting autonomy from the Western Church; Mar Dadiso agrees to continue as catholicos.

Surviving Documents:

Description and Canons as found in Synodicon Orientale for 424. Syriac Text: Chabot, Synodicon Orientale, pp. 43-53. French:Chabot, Synodicon Orientale, pp. 285-98. English: M.J. Birnie, The Synod of Mar Dadiso.


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