Key Facts:

Date 420
Location Seleucia-Ctesiphon
Summoned by
Yazdgard I
Chaired by Mar Yahbalaha , bishop of Seleucia-Ctesiphon
Number of Participants
Key Participants
Bishop Mar Yahbalaha, Bishop Mar Acacius (representative of the West)
Purposes To deal with internal difficulties in the church; to ease tensions among Zoroastrians concerned about the growth of the church; to confirm the decisions of western councils after Mar Yahbalaha’s mission to Theodosius II
Key Events
The council asserts Mar Yahbalaha’s authority as catholicos; the council requests Yazdgard to provide copies of the canons of the western councils so that their churches might follow them; Yazdgard grants this request; the council affirms the canons of the council of Mar ‘Ishaq (410).

Surviving Documents:

Description and Canons as found in Synodicon Orientale for 420. Syriac Text: Chabot, Synodicon Orientale, pp. 37-42.French: Chabot,Synodicon Orientale, pp. 276-84. English: M.J. Birnie, The Synod of Mar Yahbalaha.


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