Key Facts:

Date September 359
Location Seleucia in Isauria (modern-day south-central Turkey)
Summoned by
Constantius II
Chaired by Leonas (a civil official) and Lauricius (a military officer)
Number of Participants
c. 100
Key Participants Eleusius of Cyzicus; Silvanus of Tarsus; Acacius of Caesarea; Eustathius of Sebaste
Purpose Constantius’ effort to achieve compromise between the pro and anti-Nicene bishops
Key Events
The leaders of the pro-Nicene party imposed the creed of Antioch of 341 and rejected a compromise put forward by Acacius of Caesarea; supporters of the latter compromise were deposed.
Ancient Descriptions
Hilary Contra Constantium; Hilary Coll. Antiar B 7.1; Athanasius De Synodis 12.1-4; Socrates HE 2.39, 40; Sozomen HE 4.22; Philostorgius HE 4.2; Theodoret HE 2.26.4-6a (2.22 in NCPNF)

Surviving Documents:

9th Confession


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