Key Facts:

Date Winter 351
Location Sirmium (in modern-day Serbia)
Summoned by
Constantius II
Number of Participants
Various Eastern bishops
Key Participants
Basil of Ancyra; Photinus
Purpose To examine the theology of Photinus
Key Events
The debate between Basil and Photinus; Photinus’ subsequent condemnation; the production of a formula of faith which repeats that of Antioch AD 341; the production of 27 anathemas against Photinus as well as Marcellus of Ancyra; Athanasius deposed and condemned again.
Ancient Descriptions
Athanasius, De Synodis II.27; Epiphanius Panarion 71.1-5; Sulpicius Severus, Chronica 2.37.5; Socrates HE 2.29-30; Sozomen HE 4.6 (The latter two conflates this council with the council held in this city in 357.)

Surviving Documents:

First Creed of Sirmium


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