Key Facts:

Date Autumn 357
Location Sirmium (in modern-day Serbia)
Number of Participants
A small number of bishops
Key Participants
Germinius; Valens; Ursacius
Purpose To create a confession of faith that avoided the extremes of Arianism but subordinates the Son to the Father
Key Events
The production of an anti-Nicene creed, the so-called “Blasphemy of Sirmium.”
Ancient Descriptions
Athanasius Apol. Sec. 39 and De Synodis II.28; Apol de Fuga 5; HA 45; Hilary De Synodis 11; Phoebadius Con. Arianos 3; Sozomen HE 4.6, 12; Socrates HE 2.29 and 2.30.3141. (For these last two sources, see note on Council of Sirmium AD 351.)

Surviving Documents:

The Second Creed of Sirmium*

*See also Hanson The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God 344-345; Hilary De Synodis II; Stevenson Creeds, Councils and Controversies 4.27


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