Key Facts:

Date 335
Location Tyre
Summoned by
Chaired by Flacillus of Antioch
Overseen by Dionysius, the consul
Number of Participants
60 bishops
Key Participants
Dionysius, the consul; Macarius, the presbyter; Archelaus, governer of the province; Paul, bishop of Tyre; Paphnutius, the confessor; Maximus, bishop of Jerusalem; Athanasius; Arsenius; Ursacius of Singidunum; Valens of Mursa (the latter three were among the accusers of Athanasius)
Purpose Examination into the charges against Athanasius (including the breaking of a sacred chalice, the alleged assasination of Arsenius and removing his arm for magical purposes, etc.) Examination into the charges against Macarius; Peaceful performance of the inaugural ceremonies in the dedication of the church of God in Jerusalem.
Key Events
Arius was received back into communion; Athanasius fled to Rome and was thereafter deposed and exiled to Trier.
Ancient Descriptions
Athanasius, Apologia Secunda 6-18, 71-83; Socrates, XXVII and HE 1.28-35; Sozomen, HE 2.23, 25, 28; Theodoret, HE 1.29-31.

Surviving Documents:

Letter from Constantine to the bishops at Tyre


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