This volume was reprinted in America in October, 1983, by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Volume 10:St. Ambrose
Translated and edited by Rev. H. De Romestin, Rev. E. De Romestin, and Rev. H. T. F. Duckworth
Dogmatic Treatises, Ethical Works, and Sermons
On the Duties of the Clergyp. 1-89CPL 144
On the Holy Spiritp. 91-158CPL 151
On the Death of Satyrusp. 159-173CPL 157
On the Belief in the Resurrectionp. 174-197CPL 157
On the Christian Faithp. 199-314CPL 150
On the Mysteriesp. 315-325CPL 155
On Repentancep. 327-359CPL 156
Concerning Virginsp. 361-387CPL 145
Concerning Widowsp. 389-407CPL 146
Letter 17: To Valentinian IIp. 411-414
Memorial of Symmachusp. 414-417CPL 160 (72a)
Letter 18: To Valentinian II, in reply to Symmachusp. 417-422
Letter 20: To Marcellina as to the Arian partyp. 422-426
Letter 21: To Valentinian II, declining challenge of Auxentiusp. 427-429
Sermon against Auxentiusp. 430-436
Letter 22: To Marcellina on finding the bodies of Gervasius and Protasiusp. 436-440
Letter 40: To Theodosius as to the burning of a Jewish Synagoguep. 440-445
Letter 41: To Marcellina on the burning of a Jewish Synagoguep. 445-450
Letter 51: To Theodosius after the massacre at Thessalonicap. 450-453
Letter 57: To Eugenius, reproving himp. 453-455
Letter 61: To Theodosius, after his victory over Eugeniusp. 455
Letter 62: To Theodosius, urging him to be mercifulp. 455-456
Letter 63: To the Church at Vercellaep. 457-473
Indexesp. 475-497

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